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I am available for commercial and private commissions.
In my Galleries you'll find a selection of my work. Some images are in multiple galleries because of relevant content or subject.
All the rest is background information for those interested in the details.

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Illustrations, Storyboards, Cartoons, Comics, Animation | Animatic and Mattepaintings for Film and Video

On this site you'll find my commercial work for Advertising agencies, publishers, other companies and musea. Almost any size and kind are possible.
My work has been shown in the Limburgs Museum at sizes of 6 meters wide by 2 meters high (See Historical Gallery) and also in and on books, catalogues, CD's, websites, apps, corporate communications and educational applications.
I am versatile, vary when I can and adapt to whatever is most suitable for any commission and timeframe provided. I am not just an illustrator. I am an art director, writer and conceptual thinker as well.
I like to keep things human, lively, emotional and colourful. I do draw tech but usually when it's part of a larger human picture.
That's why I do erotic and fantasy work as well. If you would like to see it please go to my NSFW site:
I would be happy to paint your commission or participate in larger projects. The possibilities are endless and can't all be represented in my galleries.
Matte paintings are not represented at all there. The last extensive series I did was for the series "Zeeuws meisje" for a Dutch TV station and i worked for months on the project, but that's too long ago. Technical specifications for video have been improved too much since to show the work. I will try to post a couple of photos with matte paintings added soon to show the principle and possibilities.
Common factor for all examples on this site is that production speed affects the way it had to be made. Realism suffers by too short a deadline but the story can be told well and clear nonetheless.
If you have a plan that I would fit into, or you do not have a plan but see me helping you with it, feel free to contact me.
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'Layouts' (ad preview) can be found amongst the illustrations because they usually require more work than storyboards, are significantly bigger in size and have usually poster qualities because the message needs to be conveyed in one drawing. It's often much like storyboards when it comes to style because usually there's little time to paint them and there's often some editing involved when it's (nearly) done.


A special selection from layouts and storyboards for fashion and beauty because I often get specific requests in that realm (go figure).


For film and commercials. Two different disciplines requiring different approaches and often have a different mood. Film boards allow more time for production and offer more room to manoeuvre for the artist. Commercial storyboards are usually more hectic and offer usually little room for creative adventure. As long as the story is told well and clear.


For when it needs to be funnier!


From Mammoth to the Middle Ages and beyond


A selection of my photography. It helps me to get better at painting because it requires working with lighting, expressions and poses directly. It can also be combined very well with art in a mixed media approach or it can support art. Current Camera; CANON EOS 7D

Business and Private Commissions

Illustrations, Storyboards, Cartoons, Comics, Aimatic and Animation and Mattepaintings for Film and Video

I'd be happy to illustrate your project or publication or can provide you with a new and fully illustrated website. I don't have price lists though.
I don't work along fixed paths, try to find new and complementary ways to do your project justice and standard prices can not capture all the possibilities and would give you a false impression. I also think that art is not like a MacDonalds counter.

Every rule has it's exceptions though. Normal commercial storyboards (full colour) cost 90 € a frame and 60 € in black and white (line art).
Mass scenes and otherwise technically complex boards could go for up to 120 € for colour and 90 € for black and white.
This exception to the rule comes from the fact that there's always too little time for (commercial) storyboards.

If you would like to know who I worked for over the past 25 years, feel free to mail me about it. There's already too much text here as it is :)

If you send me a briefing (as complete as possible) I will be happy to provide an educated quote but I can't say much when I don't know what you would need. No character, mood or setting is the same and production time influences the cost.
I do everything digitally but it's still done by hand and requires attention. Speed is much higher than with conventional media though and the artwork is immediately available without couriers or scanning and such. That's why it's relatively cheaper, faster and environmentally friendly at that.

>Specific Ad Agency Info here<

Financial information:

Clients, commercial or private, that I don't know yet need to be prepared to make advanced payments by Paypal (quick) or Bank (if time is not an issue). Small commissions need to be paid in advance in full.
Larger commissions allow partial advanced payments; usually 25% in advance, 50% after you have seen and approved the sketch (with colour set-up) and the final 25% when you have seen the finished work in a preview jpg.
In some cases it's possible to negotiate percentages or frequency of payments.
Any significant changes in sketch or Final that were not mentioned in the briefing will be charged extra. Any detail not specifically addressed in the briefing is open for artistic interpretation.

These rules are to spread the risk of the web to both parties.


Always wanted to be a model?

I'd love to hear from you if you would want to be my model for a day. You need to be female, natural, well proportioned, have little or no tattoos and not be too shy. The day will involve a photo shoot that may lead to a painting if you would want that. You'll receive all edited photos too and they would be of high quality.
Cup size, height, race, colour, hair colour or length are not important and age is a flexible boundary. Please send me recent and clear photos of yourself and you'll usually hear from me within 24 hours.
As you are on the English version of this site I need to specifically state that your visit to my studio would be expected. If you expect to pose for me by photo series alone please know that I only do that in rare and specific cases or for commissions.

More information on the subject can be found at my NSFW site: >FRANSMENSINK.NL<

Contact and Social Media

Feel free to Contact me!

Phone: (NL) 0031(0) 77 475 8022
Post: Frans Mensink Illustrator• Vennekenstraat 35 • 5951 BA Belfeld • the Netherlands
E-Mail: fransm(AT) or click on the button at the bottom of the page.


Direct links to my social media pages (you'll find mostly fantasy and erotic stuff there though):
My Facebook page
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